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3 Hot Tips for Selling Your Charlotte Home This Spring

Wednesday, April 19, 2017   /   by Marketing Team

3 Hot Tips for Selling Your Charlotte Home This Spring

3 Hot Tips for Selling Your Charlotte Home This Spring

If you are selling your Charlotte, NC home, spring has always been the traditional time of year for being able to sell more readily.  However, with milder temperatures during the winter months, home sales so far this year didn’t see a seasonal drop as they typical do.  Instead, the demand for available homes has been high for January, February, and March with many first-time millennial and move-up buyers, while the inventory hasn’t been able to keep up.  So don’t wait for the market to get even busier – now is the time to act. 

Sell your Charlotte home using these 3 crucial tips:

1.     List Your Home in April.  It’s not too late to get your Charlotte home on the market!  Based on current inventory, statistics report that this month provides a good window of opportunity to sell your home in the south for a great price.  As the season continues to progress, you will be competing with many more listings – as well as new construction.

2.     Hire a Real Estate Agent.  Having a real estate professional to handle inquiries, negotiate prices, and schedule showings while selling your Charlotte, NC home will make the process go much easier, especially since as many as 94% of buyers are using the Internet to look at listings, but only an average of 2% purchase directly from sellers.

3.     Make Your Home Accessible.  To make your home sell faster, providing your agent access to the property when interested buyers would like to schedule a showing is a crucial first step.  Prior to showings, discuss which of these types of access to your Charlotte home for sale you will plan to allow:

·       Phone call notice for access.  Your agent will call you when planning to bring potential buyers for a showing.  Being flexible in enabling buyers to come see your home when they are available is what makes this option work well.

·       Having a lockbox on the door.  The use of a lockbox will enable potential buyers to see the home at their convenience, or at the time they see the listing, so you have a better chance of selling that much quicker.

·       Appointment only.  You grant access to your home on an appointment only basis.  While it might be convenient to your schedule as the seller, many potential buyers who have already relocated to Charlotte, NC and are working in the area may only have a narrow window of time in the day or week to see your home, making an appointment hard to schedule in advance.  They may also only be in town for a limited number of days before having to travel back to where they are moving from.

·       Limited access.  With this option, you set the availability window for when you want to allow potential buyers to have access to your Charlotte home – such as with specific days or times of day.  However, as with appointment-only showings, it can be difficult for many buyers to find availability to match yours in order to see your home.

·       Key access.  Potential buyers are able to contact your real estate agent to obtain the key, to see the home themselves.  Other than having to take that extra step of visiting your agent, it generally doesn’t deter them from a showing, as they won’t have to make an appointment to do so.

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