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Nancy Braun Advises Charlotte Today Viewers That Now Is The Perfect Time to Sell

Thursday, June 14, 2018   /   by Nancy Braun

Nancy Braun Advises Charlotte Today Viewers That Now Is The Perfect Time to Sell

Now Is The Perfect Time To Sell Your Charlotte Home

Owner and broker-in-charge of Showcase Realty LLC, Nancy Braun, teams up again with Charlotte Today hosts, Colleen Odegaard and Eugene Robinson, to discuss real estate trends in Charlotte. They talked about why homeowners who are thinking about selling should do so now.  Braun presented compelling facts that cover market updates, predictions and statistics, as well as her own experiences with assisting home buyers and sellers under the current market conditions.

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Braun started by stating that in her 23 years as a real estate agent, she could not imagine a better time to sell,  “Home sellers are poised to gain booming profits on their Charlotte homes for sale given the high demand for homes and low inventory.  If you’re contemplating selling a home within the next year or two, don’t wait. Sell now.”

When asked if this demand is for all price points, Braun said that homes in the lower price ranges are selling very fast, sometimes within a day.  For homes over the $500,000, buyers are more particular and look at the area and the quality of the home. For example, homes closer to town will sell faster than homes farther away. 

Home buyers are currently enjoying historically low interest rates that are hovering around 4% for a 30-year mortgage. They make decisions to buy based on their monthly payment, rather than the total price of the home — which is tied in to interest.  Braun warns, “Home prices are steadily rising and interest rates are expected to go up soon too. For now, home buyers are competing with each other to buy their dream homes because they have lower monthly payments — which in-turn benefits home sellers. This is the type of market that is ideal for a home seller — it’s at a tipping point.”

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Charlotte’s low housing inventory has caused bidding wars amongst home buyers.  Braun trains her team of over 50 agents to prepare their home buying clients so they’re ready to move fast with a strong offer when they see the house they want.  The likelihood of competing with multiple bidders means that Showcase Realty ensures that their clients’ bids are timely and professional.  Braun explained, “It’s really important to present our client in the best light. We go into a bid fully prepared. We do several things including asking for an approval letter or a proof of funds — if it’s a cash purchase, and then we do a personalized letter from the buyer to the seller.” Braun and her team know exactly what is required after serving thousands of homebuyers and sellers over the years — home sellers want a quick sale for top dollar, and are often appreciative of a buyer who is fully prepared to go to the closing table.

Another impact on housing demand, according to Nancy Braun, is Charlotte’s emerging 22- to 37-year old (Millenial) home buyer group. Real estate agents are witnessing new trend — they’re buying more expensive homes.  In the past, their first time home purchase were starter homes or condos under $200,000.  Today, they’re buying homes of $300,000 and more.  Charlotte has experienced a rise in Millennials moving to the city from different parts of the country drawn by the weather, healthy job market, and lifestyle.  

For homeowners thinking about selling now, there are some tips Braun offers concerning renovating to make it more attractive before putting it on the market.  She says, “It’s debatable whether a seller should put in a ton of money to rehab the house, unless you’re a flipper. It really depends on the property and your goals. Painting, cleaning and staging the home are the cheapest ways to make improvements.”

Concerning a final critical point on why now is the perfect time to sell is the tax advantage.  Though a number of key homeowner tax breaks still exist under the new laws, certain changes might cause housing prices to decline in the not-so-distant future.  Home sellers still have the advantage of not paying tax on their gains up to certain amounts, and depending if they’re married or single. Braun asks, “Why not take advantage of of this benefit while you can? In an ideal world, you could buy a house every two years, sell it and get the gains to invest in a new house - this is the type of wealth building that I advise my clients to consider because real estate is a solid investment.”

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About Nancy Braun:

A corporate lawyer and entrepreneur, Nancy Braun runs a team of over 50 real estate agents at Showcase Realty, and has been in the real estate industry for more than 23 years. An award-winning real estate agent, Braun has sold thousands of homes in the Carolinas -- assisting home sellers sell for top dollar, and home buyers realize the American dream of home ownership.  She often offers her expertise to real estate audiences through TV appearances, podcasts, articles, blogs and more.

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